(Share)Lineage 2 CT1 OFF extender

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(Share)Lineage 2 CT1 OFF extender

Post  K4rm4l0ver on Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:03 am

Hello ,

This files alow you to conect a CT1 client ( with no update ) to a server.
I dont have the scripts for the CT1 or geodata.
I dont have the Name/key for the l2server.exe , it's shared on PostPacific but I dont have the DC point to get it.
Also , I will update this thread in order to keep news if for exemple i get the script or more thingy for you.

Source : Postpacific , Thanks to : Namer.

Link to download :


L2server.exe key :

name : stranger-peril.com.ct1-ext.beta
key : 000017-5CWGDZ-7E5KRW-RUK1J6-D57XTC-QT543D-083P1H-2XBR67-VAU7K9-65Y9UG

Ps : I have tested the login , it work perfectly.

Have fun.


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