[GUIDE]Create a second gameserver

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[GUIDE]Create a second gameserver

Post  K4rm4l0ver on Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:35 pm

CREDITS TO:Naikon2Remember

This guide explains how you can add a second gameserver.

So let's say I have one L2j Server fully configured with a loginserver and 1 gameserver and I want one more, what do I do?

First off stop both servers

Now make a copy of your gameserver folder and you can rename it whatever you want or like but I'll rename it gameserver2...

The next step is to go to the loginserver.properties config file and change this :

AcceptNewGameServer = False


AcceptNewGameServer = True

otherwise your second gameserver will not be seen by the loginserver, u'll turn it back to False after you'll see that the second gameserver is running properly.

Now let's configure the second gameserver... so regular sunday morning server.properties browsing and checking... and BOOM! here you are:


some guys trying to make a gameserver did not make it because of this little bugger... you can't run 2 servers on the same port no matter what... remember that, so change it to:


now we look down... make sure your IP should be the right one... and we bump into this other little thingy:


now if you are running two servers on the same computer... good luck with that btw... you would change to look like this LoginserverHostname=, if you are not running two servers on the same computer you would change that to the IP of the computer that's holding the LoginServer... pretty logical eh?


same thing there

now here's the real deal:

# This is the server id that the gameserver will request (i.e. 0 is Bartz)
RequestServerID = 0
# If set to true, the login will give an other id to the server if the requested id is allready reserved
AcceptAlternateID = True

as said in comments ServerID 0 is for Bartz... your other gameserver is Bartz so you will go with the 2nd wich is Sieghardt but your not going to be putting 2 to serverid cause that's not Sieghardt instead it's 1... so it should look like this:

RequestServerID = 1

but you haven't yet got a hexid so u need one...

if u'r running Windows run RegisterGameServer.bat and say that you want the ServerID 1 and he'll make a hexid (something).txt, reame it to hexid.txt and move it to the config folder of your second gameserver... because you've copied the 1st gameserver chances are you already have hexid.txt overwrite it with this new one...

if u'r running linux ...
chmod +x RegisterGameServer.sh
and continue as above...

ok... enough fooling around back to the server.properties config file...
browsing... bla bla bla... more comments... oh HELLO! there u are:

# Database info

u have'nt got a 2nd database so go ahead and make one! if u'r having 2 gameservers on the same computer make another database called l2jdb2 and change the above to look like this :

# Database info

if u'r not... well... change the "localhost" there to the other computers ip and the name of the database... I recommend having both the database and the server on the same computer cause it's faster if u'r having a separate mysql server it will run slower because it has to communicate between computers rather that comunicate to himself ...

remember to change the Login and Password to the proper ones...

and save the config file.

ok... now the database is empty, fill it dude... use the DatabaseInstaller as u used for the first server but on the other database or manually upload the .sql files (good luck with that too).

and now it the time of truth...

run the loginserver... and the first gameserver... and the second gameserver....

Hope u enjoyed the guide


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