[Guide] How to add skills to another class.

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[Guide] How to add skills to another class.

Post  K4rm4l0ver on Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:32 pm

This guide can be used to add skills to another class in the database for example you want to have a prophet Dual Weapon Mastery. This is only for adding the skills which already exist and is not for creating your own skills.

1st check the ID of the character where you want to add the skill.

2nd search for the skill ID in the database *skill_trees*

So now we want to add the skill Dual Weapon Mastery at a prophet in lvl 20, so the ID for a prophet is 17 and the skill ID is 144. Now add a line at *skill_trees* in your database which is going to look like this:

Class_id, Skill_id, Level, Name, Sp, Min_level

17, 144, 1, Dual Weapon Mastery , 11000, 20

When you want the class to get the next level just add the same line and change min_level to whenever you want the class to get it , and change Level to for example 2.

Class_id= This is the character ID where you want to give the skill to.

Skill_id= This is the ID of the skill you want to put in.

Level= This is the level of the skill you want to give. (Don’t put a higher level then there exists)

Name= This is the skill name you want to add.

Sp= This is the amount of SP you need to buy the skill. (Not needed when you have auto learn skills on)

Min_level= This is the minimum level you have to be to get the skill.

**This is my first guide please if you have something to add or change tell me and I will change it.**

Guide created by K4rM4L0V4r


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