[Guide]Add your own custom armor set stats

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[Guide]Add your own custom armor set stats

Post  K4rm4l0ver on Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:31 pm

Well, almost all the private servers have some custom armor which gives you crazy stats.
I will show u step by step how u can add the stats to an armor set.
(i will do this on an existing armor,if u want with a custom one like epic u will have to do some other things as well)

So i will edit the improved apella(its not the original apella,so i guess it will be ok )
1)Go to datapack/stats/armor and open 9800-9899 (it includes the im. apella)

2)Open it and find the armor. (id 9830-9839)
You can edit the pDef val to whatever u want,this is the def it gives once u wear this part.
You can add some other stats as well(if u know how) but they will be given once you wear THAT part and not when u wear the whole set.Anyway if you don't know how to do it,just change the val to w/e you want (check the ss)

Ok so now lets go to the armor set stats!
3)Go to datapack/stats/skills copy/paste the 9900-9999.xml and rename the new one 10000-10099.xml (as shown in the ss)

4)Open it,create a new list by typing <list> so it will be like the ss

5)Then go back to the skills folder and open 3300-3399.xml (i will use the dynasty stats)
Find those shown in the 2 ss and copy them (its dynasty heavy,light,robe)

6)After that go and paste them in the xml u created before and change their id and name.
Now it is time to edit the stats!Do w/e you want with the vals, don't try insane things cause it will end super imbalanced ;P
It will be like the ss

7)Almost done!!!Let's go to navicat now!(you will need navicat so search for a link to download it)
Lets do this. Open navicat,go to your database,then open the armorsets table.
After that press ctrl+f and type in search 55 (you can do it manually as well,this is the im apella's armorset id)

Last step!Click till u find the column skill_id and then replace as shown in the ss

Save and..done!That was it!Now the imp. apella will give the stats u added back in step 6.
I did this with l2jfree datapack (latest version)

Credits to me for the guide+pics.



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